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Why is Apple buying up old iPhones and putting Cash (Apple Gift Cards) in their hands?

Applenis buying up old iPhones to boost their stockholders confidence and give their Marketing Department and Newspapers and TV Stations some buzz.

How does Apple buying back phones help them? Because, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have much “wow factor” and and Apple needs to sell out their initial production run of phones as well as sell more phones faster or more phones in a given period of time (3 day weekend) than they have previously.

If Apple doesn’t accomplish the above feat, then the iPhone 5 will be looked at as a failure.

iPhone Trade In

Why would this effect Microsoft, as well as Nokia, HTC and others? Because everyone’s budget is limited and with such a large user base that just signed new contracts a year ago, that leaves a lot of customers a generation behind.

People who are well off financially will buy a new iPhone regardless. peole who typically wait in line for days prior to the iPhone 5 launch will not buy groceries or pay their rent late, just so they can be the first to have this incredible device.

But between the two above types of Apple customers there is a greater percentage who will only upgrade if it doesn’t cost them too much or they can upgrade for free – yes, FREE.

Apple is giving users as much as $500 back for their old iPhones. If you purchased the iPhone 4 two years ayonor the iPhone 4S last year, you could very easily be able to pay off your contract at AT&T or Verizon buy the new iPhone 5 with your Apple Gift Card ans have some money left over for a case so you dont scratch you

So, will Microsoft or Nokia have the same or similar tactic for getting these Windows Phone 8 devices into consumers hands? Will they give Lumia owners a steep discount to upgrade to the latest phones and give their Windows 7.8 devies to family and friends who might otherwise not buy a smartphone or would purchase an iPhone or Android instead?

HTC announced their pricing for their new HTC 8 series phones, whreas Nokia to their detriment has not.  could this apparent iversite actually be strategic?t

time will tell, but I’m bullish on some kind of surprise from Nokiq and possibly Samsung as well.



I think it’s very possible.


Itself no secret that Steve Jobs’ vision for iPhone apps was HTML5 – More specifically Safari.

Could this focus on HTML5 apps and games from Microsoft and it’s design partners fulfill the vision Steve Jobs imagined, but abandoned for the AppStore? :O

Microsoft and Atari Team Up…

Am I the only one who thinks that BOTH Nokia and Microsoft ( ala Surface) will announce their Windows 8 Phones together?

It makes a lot of sense. No platform or industry can grow and dominate if their are not enough players/products in the market.

You go to buy a car where ALL the car dealers are – no, it’s no coincidence they are all located next to one another.

The same goes for phones. If there are 18 Android phone choices and between 1-4 Windows Phone models available people will give more consideration to buying an Android phone which has more support.

No one wants to be left alone and outside of “the group.” We feel safe in groups and the same applies when you are making a decision on which phone to purchase.

Another thing? Each Android OEM has between 4-12 new phones released every year and then Google updates their OS nearly as often. New phones, combined with perceived or real upgrades is enough to push people towards Android.

Microsoft and yes, Nokia too, need more exposure, more new products and a more frequent and varied release schedule.

Only when there are as many new Windows Phones in the stores and in the news as there are Android phones will Microsoft ‘s superior phone/platform succeed.