September 5 Nokia and Microsoft Event

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Miccrosoft Surface, Microsoft, Mobile, Nokia, windows phone 8

Am I the only one who thinks that BOTH Nokia and Microsoft ( ala Surface) will announce their Windows 8 Phones together?

It makes a lot of sense. No platform or industry can grow and dominate if their are not enough players/products in the market.

You go to buy a car where ALL the car dealers are – no, it’s no coincidence they are all located next to one another.

The same goes for phones. If there are 18 Android phone choices and between 1-4 Windows Phone models available people will give more consideration to buying an Android phone which has more support.

No one wants to be left alone and outside of “the group.” We feel safe in groups and the same applies when you are making a decision on which phone to purchase.

Another thing? Each Android OEM has between 4-12 new phones released every year and then Google updates their OS nearly as often. New phones, combined with perceived or real upgrades is enough to push people towards Android.

Microsoft and yes, Nokia too, need more exposure, more new products and a more frequent and varied release schedule.

Only when there are as many new Windows Phones in the stores and in the news as there are Android phones will Microsoft ‘s superior phone/platform succeed.


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