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I can’t be the only one to see the pattern lately.

Large retailers are getting their customer data and credit information hacked/stolen at an alarming pace and if we have learned anything, its that future successful attacks are inevitable.

So why do these Fortune companies trust all their customers privacy and data to one system?

Doesn’t it make sense to diversify their customer data into smaller chunks so that the inevitable next hack will bot grow exponentially?

People do this with their stock portfolio, we do this with out email addresses; people have been using this technique for centuries – even the Romans and Egyptians did it.

So why don’t the top retailers, e-commerce, and financial institutions do it!?

It might be because they don’t know anything about technology and not if you will be hacked, but when.

If the “best and largest” financial and retail institutions don’t take these common sense precautions to limit the theft of our personal and financial data, then each user must take the matters in their own hands and limit the data we trust with these retailers.

Maybe we need to go back to an all cash system, maybe we need to conduct our financial transactions via the US Mail, use our local notaries, call our brokers on the phone.

Because I the end, it’s our money, our data and our peace of mind which we need to protect and value – not theirs.