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Google Chromebook vs Windows RT

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Google Chromebook will fail to gain broad market acceptance, and here’s why:

The Chromebook looks like a traditional Windows laptop, is marketed like one and it’s operating system even looks similar to Windows (go figure, Google can’t design anything original).

The problem is that while it looks like a Windows laptop and even takes design cues from Windows but it can’t run any of the same software that Windows users already own and equivalent options don’t yet exist.

Its public knowledge that Google’s Achilles Heal is developing APIs, programming languages and cant or doesn’t care to develop their own “look and feel.”

Heck, Google is now even copying Microsoft’s Bing search engine algorithms! Sad.

So, while the Chromebook has the look and feel of a PC, Microsoft’s Surface RT does not and therefore customers will not expect Surface RT, or other Windows RT based devices to run legacy “desktop” apps.

It’s inevitable that there will be notebooks that run Windows RT and even if these future RT devices looks like a laptop on the outside, the new Windows 8 looks different and unique. It will be easier for consumers to have a disconnect, shift their expectations and know what they are buying.

Over time, Windows RT will mature and more and more newer apps will run on both RT and Windows 8. As a matter of fact, with little effort, new Windows apps will also run on Windows Phone.

So, the current Chromebook from Samsung and Google is no threat to Microsoft and in it’s current form or will pose no threat to Apple.

Moat people who purchase a Chromebook will return them to them to their retailers, we have only have to look back in time 3-4 years ago when netbooks were sold with Linux and not Microsoft Windows. Even when a version of netbooks did ship with Windows was added to people still didn’t like keep them because they were too slow or their screens were too small.

Good bye Chromebook, yellow Surface RT.

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Windows Phone 7.8

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here are my predictions for what updates will be coming to Windows Phone 7.8, some are known, others are my educated guesses:

1. Windows Phone Start screen will take on new full screen mode and have the 3 tile sizes
2. Zune software will keep the Zune Name and branding
3. Windows 7.8 will still require the Zune desktop software for updates, syncing photos etc
4. Marketplace will be renamed to Windows Phone Store
5. Performance and stability updates

What will not be included in the update:

1. Xbox Music, Xbox Video services
2. New maps which integrate Nokia mapping software
3. Native Windows 8 synching
4. Ability to run apps written specifically for Windows Phone 8
5. New/updated Bluetooth stack

Microsoft needs to look to the future of Windows Phone – Windows Phone 8. They need to give the updated look and feel of the new Windows Phone to existing and loyal users, just like this months Xbox update refreshed the UI for existing Xbox consoles.

Windows 7.5 has all of the features of a modern operating and with the update from 7.5 to 7.8 it will receive the look and feel of the latest Windows version and not loose anything that made Windows Phone 7.5 great.

The above are my predictions and are not based on any insider knowledge, just the fact that Windows Phone 7.5 had already matured into a competitive and socially forward mobile operating system means that Microsoft doesn’t need to do too much to. Update/refresh Windows Phones.

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When Microsoft announced that they would be entering the computer tablet market with Windows 8 and ARM based Windows RT tabletsin the Spring if 2012, Apple’s iPad was the dominant tablet in the market – it’s no coincidence that the iPads and and both of the announced Microsoft Surface tablets have 10″ screens.

Now fast forward forward to October 2012 and the fastest growing tablet segment is the 7″ market and the 10″ tablets (iPad) are loosing market share.

Apple, the company which once claimed there was no use for a 7″ tablet is suddenly highly expected to announce and ship an iPad “Mini” this Fall – this iPad Mini is also rumored to have a 7″ screen.

Could Microsoft’s Surface “division” have foreseen this shift to smaller tablet screens and designed a top secret 7″ Surface alongside the their 10″ offerings?

Maybe they will release 3 tablets, a Surface 8 Pro, Surface RT and a smaller sized Surface “rt” device?

Heck, its interesting that the newly announced hi-end Windows Phones not only have potentially more horsepower than the Surface RT (it is widely known that the Qualcomm S4 SoC with 2 cores out performs the Surface RT’s 4 core SoC from Nvidia) and they offer comparable if not identical screen resolutions.

There is no guarantee Microsoft has a smaller less costly Surface tablet ready to ship and curiously, there have been no leaks or rumors of a 7″ Windows RT tablet from any of Microsoft’s hardware partners.

I find it curious that there is not one 7″ Microsoft Windows tablet announced to date when the new “mini” tablets are taking over the market. :-/

Microsoft has been executing everything around the “Microsoft 2.0″ re-lunch so right – could they really have missed the 7” tablet space?

It would be a shame to see all the established Microsoft divisions, Application, Operating System, Entertainment and hardware (Xbox, mice, keyboards) come together in harmony and the new Surface tablet division bring the company down. 😥

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