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Gorilla marketing has become very popular over the past several years. It can be designed and set up quickly and for short bursts of time.

This is opposed to a traditional marketing campaign where a company spend millions on TV ads, billboards, print etc.

This more traditional approach takes many months to conceive and plays out / airs over weeks or months and you don’t find out how beneficial the campaign was until after you have already spent the funds.

I would propose to Microsoft a different and more personal touch.

How about Microsoft work with a couple hundred Windows/Microsoft enthusiasts across the nation and show people how great their new products are?

The WP7 Challenge has been pretty popular and while there was some controversy, it got people to question what makes a smartphone ‘fast.’

Microsoft should take their phones, tablets and laptops running Windows Phone 7.5 and laptops and tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT to he people – make arrangements with Starbucks and have their Microsoft Enthusiasts sit at Starbucks, show people how great Windows Phone is, how amazing Metro on Windows 8 works on a laptop computer without touch.

When you put these employees out at locations people already go to on a daily basis, or run their ‘home offices’ out of, people could have a two way conversation about the future GUI, why it works, how it works, and how it will make their work and personal computer activities faster, easier and more productive.

So what do you day Microsoft? Are you going to take Windows 8 out for a test drive before the Fall release and build user excrement, or are you going to allow Tim Cook to slam Windows 8 Metro and frighten people before your future OS even launches?

Metro is the user interface of the future; for people who are already using Metro on their phones, PCs and Xbox’s we know it, we can feel it.
Ballmer may not be Steve Jobs, but he has delivered the interface people will use for the next 30 years.

Apple has employees at there hundreds of Apple Stores, Microsoft needs their thousands of followers to take Metro to the people.


Android, Android, Android, what are we going to do with you?

We’ve been reading about sluggish performance on dual and quad core Android phones for quite some time, and here we are again with another hack to improve the performance of your state of the art quad core Android phone.

If Windows Phone was sluggish and non responsive everyone would be screaming at the top of their lungs in frustration!

As it is, Windows Phone 7 phones, even models releases 2 years ago run all games and apps with little or no sluggishness, but do we hear about that from the press? Nope.

HTC One X Occasional Game Lag

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Another Parlor Trick

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Ok, so the makers of Bump for iPhone now lets you bump photos to your computer via your web browser and their own website.

The question is, with cloud services so prevalent, why do we need this app?

Heck, Windows Phone uploads every photo you take to the cloud /SkyDrive.

so, with SkyDrive, iCloud and solutions from Dropbox and other photo sharing sites is this new upgrade to Bump necessary?


Bump Share Phone Photos to Your Computer

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So, it is widely believed that Nokia lead the push at Microsoft to lower the cost of building a Windows Phone – well, one way they did this was to reduce the available memory by half.

Well, now we have problem that many apps will not work on the new lowered spec’d phones.

Another way the phones costs were lowered was to stick in a slower CPU — 200MHz slower than the minimum spec and 600MHz slower than 2nd gen phones.

This never made sense to me and now makes even less sense.

At a time when everything is obsolete by the time it goes into production and 18 months after the first Windows Phone were introduced the original spec is already out dated – still works great and ran all available software, bit it’s older and not as speedy as the newest phones on the same platform.

So, how much cheaper is a slower CPU and 256kb of RAM? Not too much,l.

We already have a Chinese phone manufacturer increase the speed of their entry level Windows Phone to the former minimum spec of 1GHz.

Nokia and Microsoft should have left the design alone and allowed the market and it’s ever increasing need to drive down costs to naturally lower the costs of their phones.

Now we have Windows Phonea which will not run popular games and apps – this is not good for the platform. :-/

Nokia, 50% of Top 10 Games Wont Work…

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Ok, I understand that Facebook feels they need to control their own mobile destiny, but hiring people from Apple to create your own phone isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Facebook needs to follow Microsoft with it revolutionary Metro design – yes, revolutionary.

Apple came up with a new UI for smartphones when it created the iPhone and at the time that phone’s OS was revolutionary.

Then came Android, webOS, Badu, etc – all of which borrow greatly from the iPhone.

Facebook needs a phone that is revolutionary just like the Windows Phone’s Metro interface.

Why do I say that? Because people are not going to jump platforms just for Facebook, it needs to be something different, fresh, cool.

If Facebook does design there own phone then it had better be incredible or it will not succeed in this already crowded phone market.

Facebook Phone Apple iPhone Engineers

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Who cares how many cores your phone or even your PC have! All that should matter is if your device provides you with a pleasant user experience.

Google is the Microsoft of the ’90s.
Microsoft was the poster child for fat inefficient, slow operating systems and apps. Then things changed with Windows 7 – fast, lean and small enough to run on netbooks! Now Windows 8 is even faster and leaner and runs with less power.

Google on the other hand is designing a fatter, slower, sloppy OS – named Android Ice Cream Sandwich – even its name is fat!

How long does it take your iPhone or Android phone to boot up to the start/home screen? My Lumia 900 boots to the home screen in 13 (THIRTEEN) seconds!

Google feels that they CAN design a fat, slow operating system because “everyone wants dual and quad cores” – not so, people don’t care about cores, they care about performance and usability. How long does it take to boot up the phone, load an app, place a phone call, upload an image to Facebook and tag it – fast!

Android can’t do these things quickly and its getting slower and heavier with each OS release. Sure Google puts a lot of the blame on manufacturer UIs like HTC Sense, but the underlying Android OS is getting more resource hungry with every update.

Even Apple’s OS is requiring more and more horsepower to keep it working smoothly – how many people with a 3GS are enjoying iOS 5?

Windows Phone is bound to get fatter and slower with time, but right now, with all it’s built in features it still runs just as smoothly on a single core at 1GHz as the newest single core designs running at 1.4 or 1.5GHz.

I want a phone which is speedy and doesn’t slow down every time I open a new app or whose battery dies after 4-6hrs because of all the CPU horsepower required to have even the lowest level activities operate.

Also, all that extra RAM in you 1GB or even the new Android phones with 2GB of RAM drains power like crazy too – sometimes 512MB is plenty.

It may have taken Microsoft 30 years to figure this out, but we all know wisdom comes with age/time.

And all this boils down to why some Android phone will get an upgrade to ICS and others won’t.

Xperia Arc to get ICS, but not the XpeRia Play

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So this interview brings up a good point, not only are smartphone cost prohibitive upfront, but they are also costly to use and maintain.

And it’s not just the users of these smartphones, it’s the service providers as well because they have less money for building their wireless network.

The first thing I would do is work with all the potential service providers and mandate that they all share the same cell towers/antennas as well as share the radio frequencies for the phones.

This simple act would divide the costs of building and upgrading a wireless network between many more companies. Sure they would now have to compete solely on price and services, but they would save a fortune on building out a national high speed network.

Another option would be for the governments to build out the high speed wireless network and lease the radio frequencies to service providers. This would allow for faster growth and allow newer smaller (maybe even local) companies to start or expand their business.

As far as phones which require lots of data access, that’s a tough one, many people use their phones many different ways.

My Mother and I have the same phone; I use about 2.5-3GB /month, she uses under 200MB. We both use our phones for email, calendar, GPS navigation, photos, cloud storage, and simple apps etc. However I do so on a much grander scale as well as download /stream lots of music and videos to my phone.

So how would you reduce the data being sent back and forth between phones and towers? Would you provide everyone with push-email? Would you compress the images in a web browser so they are smaller and quicker to download?

I don’t know the answer, but the answer is not to dummy down their smartphone experience. People all over the world need access to smartphones and theninternet – the more access people have to web sites, social sites, YouTube, etc, the smarter and more knowledgeable those people will be.

So please, don’t make a $70 phone that is more of a stopgap than a friendly hand up.

gass guzzler vs prius

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