Windows 8 Upgrade – DO IT TODAY!

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Microsoft, Windows 8

Have you considered upgrading your home or office computer or laptop to Windows 8, but been advised to delay your upgrade or avoid upgrading to Windows 8?

Well, then it’s time to reevaluate who you are hiring for advice. Lets see if they told you about these benefits?

This is what will happen when you install Windows 8. Your computer will immediately become faster. It will boot up quicker, it will start your existing programs faster as well as close them more quickly and Windows 8 will shut down or reboot faster.

If you upgrade your laptop to Windows 8 you will immediately get longer battery life – even an older laptop, newer laptops will gain even more benefits and longer battery life too.

The new modern interface and the new Start Screen most people are talking about in negative ways is actually a huge benefit and for people who actually install Windows 8 will find out for themselves, it will boost your productivity.

Boost productivity? Everyone is saying productivity goes down when switching to Windows 8!

All your existing Windows 7 apps, including Microsoft Office operate just as they always have! No changes, none. They operate exactly as they always have. Printing, scanning, searching, etc all work as they always have so you will not need to learn anything new.

The new Windows 8 Modern apps do operate differently from legacy Windows 7 apps. But once you learn how to expose the Charms Bar and remember to use the right-click on your mouse or pad you will know the basics of Windows 8’s new interface. From the Charms Bar you can print, scan, in app search, universal search, change app settings, share via email, share to social network, even send web pages, music and videos straight from your Windows 8 app to an Xbox, PS3, smart TV or internet enabled blue-ray player.

Do you use a computer at home, work and maybe even. Laptop? Well, if all of them are running Windows 8 or Windows RT, well then each will share data back and forth. Search for a term on your work PC and it will appear in Internet Explorer’s browser history on your home or laptop computer or tablet.

Do you always run the latest version of Microsoft Office? Well, Office 2013 is about to be released and Office 2013 supports SkyDrive as it’s default drive for saving and retrieving your documents. Save your document or spreadsheet on one computer and it’s instantly available to you from any Windows 8 pc you log into. Not just the Windows 8 computers you personally own, but from any web browser or friends computer – anywhere you are.

If you have more than one computer you of course have run into the problem of multiple computers having multiple versions of your files and once you have different versions on your computers how do you merge them? If you upgrade to Windows 8 and SkyDrive you will never have this problem again – ever!

These are just a few of the ways that Windows 8 with the new modern user interface will increase and not decrease productivity, not hinder it.

If you are being advised to stay away from Windows 8 then maybe you should look elsewhere for your computer help, because if you upgrade after January 30, 2013 you will be paying around $180 dollars for your upgrade – a full $140 more than the $40 it will cost you today.


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