Modular Xbox Next?

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Media Center, Microsoft, Television, xbox

The original Xbox was nothing more than a specialized PC for console gaming.

The Xbox 360 was a true, from the ground up HD gaming console.

But now the Xbox 360 is much more than a gaming console, it’s an entertainment hub for the home TV/Living Room.

Want to watch Netflix, Hulu+, YouTube, Vudu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go? Listen to your music collection, Xbox Music, or other music streaming service?

The answer is Xbox 360

But does the next Xbox have to have Ultra HD gaming for everyone? I mean, that’s a lot of cost for just a video player.

No, there has to be a better way to have one console that can be affordable for music, video, web browsing, etc and have the ultra fast, ultra hi-res gaming.

How about an Xbox designed with some inspiration from the I’ll fated PCjr?

What⁉ PCjr? That was garbage!

Yes, it was poorly conceived and crippled by design, but I think a next generation home entertainment console for non gamers and gamers could be designed with a modular approach.

This modular approach could then be upgraded in 2-4 years time with an additional module with additional memory, additional gpu/apu, etc.

Think about it. For $100 you could have your music and video services and Media Center.

For $200 more you would add a module which would give you more storage for storing large games, a 2nd or 3rd or 4th GPU/APU.

Then in 2-3 years time MS could release an additional module to upgrade your existing console with the latest technology without dumping your existing console, games, controllers, etc.

Not only would this modular approach allow for the platform to address 2 markets and could share one ecosystem, but it would also be better for the environment because we would not be tossing away good hardware into the dump just because we want to play better newer games.

Microsoft has already done something like this with the Xbox 360, the original HDD In the Xbox 360 was modular and external.

Just design the new bus around an existing standard, apply some proprietary hooks in it to keep the platform secure and you are good to go.

Here are some photos of the PCjr for those of you who never saw one. 😁


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