Nokia Experience (part 1)

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

For those of you don’t know, I was hired by Nokia to lead their Nokia Experience kiosk for San Francisco (Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA)

Nokia has built 8 of these unique Experience kiosks in North America to allow people to experience Windows Phone 8, debunk myths and above all, show as many people as possible how Nokia’s exclusive Windows Phone 8 apps make them an obvious choice – not only against other Windows Phones, but ultimately show iPhone and Android/Droid owners the advantages, ease of use benefits and above all debunk the myths around Windows Phone and how it’s not a mature OS.

Here are some of the things we are talking about this first week of being open to the public and we are adding more to our repertoire every day and after every customer interaction.

Buy a Lumia Windows Phone 8 for:

Navigation Nokia Drive+
* Turn-by-turn, 100% off line navigation
* Download maps to 150 countries for free and free updates for the life of your phone
* download not only English USA, English UK in male and female voices, but also in more languages for when your drive with your parents/family visiting abroad – there is no reason they should be left out!
* intelligent Commuting feature. Define your home, your work in Nokia Drive+ and forget about it.
Then just drive to/from work as usual and forget about it.
Nokia Drive+ then monitors your route, speed, driving habits, the route you take most often and how long your commute takes.
THEN when Nokia Drive+ sees that your commute will be delayed by traffic, accident etc. It will let you know in advance so your can a) leave work early and arrive at home or the daycare on time, or let you know a better route to take.
Either way, its a genius time saver and allows you to concentrate on your work and not “traffic on the eights.”

  1. paritycheck says:


    I’m new to the whole SmartPhone thing and am interested in Windows Phone 8. Do you happen to know if I can buy the Nokia Lumia 920 without a data plan and just use Wi-Fi?

    Thanks in advance,..

    • Hi there,

      So, I do not know where you can currenty purchase a Lumia 920 wihout a contract. It’s even difficult to find one which is carrier unlocked at a reasonable price – this is the phone you would need to purchase in order to never activate data plan.

      Windows Phone 8 works very well as a stand alone phone/smartphone, it has a plethora of built-in services and features that make it the perfect smartphone for a newbie, as well as an advanced phone for a techie like myself.

      However, many of the unique features that makes Windows Phone 8 so wonderful is that it uses your connection to the internet all day and night. Sometimes a lot, but mostly it just sips information from the internet periodically to make the Live Tiles “live” – for example.

      So, while you could purchase a Windows Phone like the Lumia 920 and only use it on Wi-Fi, I wouldn’t completely recommend it sine much of what makes Windows Phone 8 so special is that it was designed from the ground up to always be connected. While this can be said about he iPhone and Android phones, it’s not as necessary because they work vey much like PC and only need access to the internet when you open the web browser, or open your email, weather app etc.

      While a continuous connection to the internet isn’t necessary, the always on connection really allows Windows Phone to shine.

      I am going to assume you live in the USA. What I would recommend, is that your purchase the Lumia 920 on AT&T for the $100 contract price and one it is activated and after you have some under your belt plying with it, trying out the features, how it works, download apps, updates, music, videos etc, then your adjust your AZT&T plan to the lowest data package available which I believe is $20/month for a 200 MB LTE data plan, this is versus the 2 GB or 3 GB they generally sign you up with.

      Once you lower the plan, you can then make adjustments to your data settings for the 920. For example: Photo and video backup to SkyDrive only on wifi, you can go one step further and go into Settings>Cellular> and turn data connection off so you don’t chew through data, etc.

      Thee are several ways that the Windows Phone 8 can manage data use and Nokia even has an exclusive app for their Lumias called Nokia Xpress which compresses web content by up to 30% and allows you to use the web more and pay less to your service provider (AT&T).

      I hope this mini-blog helps you make good decisions on how to move forward. On thing I think that will be very good for you, and the Lumia 920, is that you have no previous smartphone experience and you will be able to learn it quickly! Windows Phone is the best choice for newbies and old techie dogs like myself who can learn something new. 🙂

  2. paritycheck says:

    Thanks for responding. I’m glad I would be able to turn off the cellular connection off but still use wi-fi. I’ll check with ATT people to see if I can get the $20 month plan. Currently, I pay about $50 a month for two regular cell phones. Still debating if I need a smartphone in the first place. Thanks again!

    I like your blogs. Keep up the good work!

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