It is not Possible for Apple to Make an iPhone with Cutting Edge Features

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Apple, iOS, iphone, Microsoft, Windows Phone

Everyone knows Apple can create amazing cutting edge products with the latest and greatest features, but it’s new designs are limited by their own success.

Sure Samsung Galaxy S III has some great tech and the Nokia Lumia will arguably have the best – everything:
Highest resolution screen in the US
Best clarity with higher than retina display ppi
Best color accuracy ans viewability with it’s “Apple like” IPS panel
Best motion and video playback with their PureMotion HD+ tech
Few to no scratches with it’s Corning Gorilla Glass display and unibody design that while resists scratches, and when it does they are nearly invisible thanks to it’s color solid plastics
It has the PureView technology in their camera which not only has software enhancements, but also OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) for smooth video and highly detailed photos in low light
Wireless (wire less) charging
Synaptics Clearpad tech so the phone can be used with (nearly) any device or digit; fingers, gloves, car keysand even fingernails (what admin assistant, secretary or manicurist doesn’t look forward to that?!)
WiFi (seemingly single band until it’s reported otherwise)
Bluetooth 4.0
2nd Gen Lumia with 4G and/or 4G LTE
Windows Phone 8 based on the multi-threaded Windows NT core as well as Windows 8 and Windows RT
Etc, the list goes on and on with new software enhancements by both Nokia, Microsoft Research (think PhotoSynth) and Microsoft

These are all or many of the things Apple can no longer design and then be manufactured. There is no way that even Apple and their manufacturers could make 10 million of these devices for launch and then be expected to be of good quality or even able to secure all the parts to make so many handsets.

I point to the iPhone 5’s 8MP BSI camera. While the physical camera is technically inferior to the optics of the 4S, Apple was able to use great software algorithms to make the iPhone 5’s camera produce photos on par with the last gen (1/2 gen) phone.

So, will the “iPhone 6” have these new wonderful features that are found in the Lumia 920 – I’m sure many of them will, but only after other companies test the waters and manufacturers can mass produce these technologies.

I also bet that the next iPhone will run iOS11 and will fully merge iOS and OSX into one OS and will be heralded as “Amazing!” 🙂


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