Is the iPad a device for Work?

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, this is what some analysts are only now coming to the conclusion of.

While fully admiting that the current iPad running iOS 5/6 is a great tool for sales associates, marketers and realtors alike, it certainly can not replace a laptop or desktop running Mac OS or Windows.

Microsoft sees this too and that’s why there new Surface slates come with 3mm thin keyboard/covers – people need their keyboards, period.

Here are some things that Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface slates offer that make them potential replacements for a computer – sorry, they are computers.

Physical keyboards conceived in the design if the Surface. Not 3rd party keyboard add-ons

Integrated stand for using on a table or desk. Again, nothing else to cary around in your bag

Here is what really sets Windows 8/RT apart from the iPad and current versions of iOS; The new API for Windows 8 Metro allows or dictates that apps can run full screen, 1/3rd screen or half screen.

That means you can pick and choose apps from multiple vendors and know that you can use them side-by-side, not just jump from full screen app to full screen app and back again.

Everyone know the importance of working with your apps side-by-side, whether it’s a web browser, spreadsheet, movie, email or even a Kindle app – side by side is a requirement for any PC.

So, the iPad is a great multimedia device and may even have some crossover with business needs like a realtor showing a house/building, but the main work for these users is going to be done on a laptop or desktop running Mac OS or Windows 8 – unless you have a Microsoft Surface RT based slate, it will be able to do double duty.

iPad for Entertainment, not Productivity


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