The Future of the Desktop – or not?

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Apple, iOS, iphone, Microsoft, Windows 8, Windows Phone, windows phone 8

AS Microsoft begins to embrace and merge the desktop with the handheld market Apple is doing the opposite.

No longer is the Mac and Mac OS at the forefront of Apples business plan. We see evidence of this every day.

The iPhone and iPad are getting all the new features, they get hardware refreshed every year like clockwork, now they are alternating iPhone and iPad hardware announcements so iOS stays in the publics eye.

The iMac and PowerBooks have not seen a major revision in tech specs in 2 years, smaller, lighter, yes, but not any faster.
Their servers based on Mac OS have not changed at all in 24 months!

Why? Apple had grown the Mac OS market as much as they can/want. All their R&D is going into the Lowe power ARM architecture which is what the iPhone, iPad and AppleTV are running on.

No, to grow Mac OS market share and not waste R&D on enhancing that platform Apple will release Mac OS X for all existing Windows PCs.

Yes, it’s true, because I said so. 🙂

There has never been a better opportunity for Apple to make this major shift, everything is falling in place:

• Windows is radically changing for the first time since 1995, now that people are faced with upgrading to something NEW they are more likely to consider Mac OS X
• Mac OS X runs on “entry level” hardware – well, entry level for Windows OEMs.
• Mac OS X will easily operate on Windows PC made 5-6 years ago and likely wouldn’t need to even upgrade memory
• with Apple no longer investing in x86 architecture they need to keep their developers happy with a growing market to keep them developing for the existing market

Apple can do it, they already have native graphics drivers for Intel, NVIDIA, AMD/ATI, the only thing to develop are core drivers for the AMD chipsets and AMD instructions – don’t forget, Intel is running AMD x64 instructions….

This will happen and it will happen in October 2012, don’t trust me? Think i am off my rocker? Im open minded and eager to hear your views.


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