Microsoft Press Event Mon, June 20, 2012

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok, I don’t claim to know anymore than many people reporting their theories on what Microsoft has planned for Monday, but in many cases I don’t know any less either.

Plain and simple, I deduce that Microsoft is releasing their Xbox Video service and set top device.

Essentially, it will perform all the same multimedia and video tasks as the Xbox 360 and may even use the same OS or at least the same Dashboard API.

Will it run games? Maybe Angry Birds or other popular phone/tablet fare, but no, this device is going to be Microsoft’s answer to the ARM based AppleTV.

Think of it, Ms needs a lower cost entry into the living room and MS now has all the tools to make this $100 device.

Here are some facts that push be to this conclusion:

1. The announcement is in LA
2. The PR agency is said to be the agency used for Windows – and this device will clearly run a version of Windows RT
3. Reports are circulating about MS releasing their own MS branded tablet – this would be a tablet minus the display
4. Other reports say that this will be an eBook reader – if so, then why LA?

Anyways, I for one o ly use my Xbox 360 to access Media Center content stored on my PC, music, videos and photo slideshows.
I also use my Xbox 360 to access my Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, Comcast and other streaming video content.
I don’t need the horsepower for 3D RPG games and the like – heck, i don’t even use the internal hard disk drive.

Yes, with MS rebranding Zune to Xbox Video and Xbox Music there ia even more reason to believe that a video and audio only Xbox Video is only days or months away.
Would MS make such a big deal out of this announcement if they were releasing a tablet, an eBook reader, or the like? Yea, i don’t think so.


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