Apple:s Strength isn’t by being Everything to Everyone

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Apple, Facebook, iOS, iphone, Microsoft, Windows Phone

Look, should platform keyboards see upgrades and improvements over the life of a product – sure, but Apple shouldn’t open up their platform for 3rd party keyboards.
iOS’ heart and soul begins and ends.with it’s interface and the keyboard is a very large party of that experience. Swapping out the Apple keyboard for Swype would take away a large part of why iOS is, well, iOS.
One of Android’s biggest problems is the lack of consultancy between oems, mobile operators and users. No one phone operates in a consistent manor – even shutting down the phone is inconsistent. :-/
no, there are things Apple needs to remain firm on, and keeping a consistent keyboard that is a close 2nd beat to the Windows Phone should remain under Apples control.

Deeper integration will come, bit not like it is on the Windows Platform. No, Apple will develope key technologies, many on the cloud which will be able tonve accessed and shared across Apple platforms; maybe they will share a name, but the app will be different for iOS and Mac OS – my guess is that we will see the two Os platforms merge for version iOS 10.

So, expect to see more messaging, chat and video apps which cross between the handheld, television and desktop.

will Apple improve their camera’s features? I’m sure it will, but I’m not convinced they will add features such as full HD video and capture still photos at the same time. To do that right, Apple would have to have some new photo hardware and I just haven’t seen Apple focus too much on photographs.
I think Apple will come out with an iCamera or iDSLR before a major overall to their iPhone or iPad camera – DSLR running iOS? It could happen.

And to respond to the writers wish for cross messaging between iOS, and AIM, I think that ship has sailed. I would more likely expect iOS to embrace a Windows Phone model of messaging and have both SMS, mms, iMessage and the like to feed through Apple servers and communicate with the messaging services at Facebook.

Well, in 30m to 1h we’ll know a lot more.

I’m expecting evolution from Apple this Season, not a revolution.

Ebgadget iOS6 Wishlist


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