Gorilla Marketing for Windows 8, Phone 8 and RT

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Apple, iOS, Microsoft, Windows Phone

Gorilla marketing has become very popular over the past several years. It can be designed and set up quickly and for short bursts of time.

This is opposed to a traditional marketing campaign where a company spend millions on TV ads, billboards, print etc.

This more traditional approach takes many months to conceive and plays out / airs over weeks or months and you don’t find out how beneficial the campaign was until after you have already spent the funds.

I would propose to Microsoft a different and more personal touch.

How about Microsoft work with a couple hundred Windows/Microsoft enthusiasts across the nation and show people how great their new products are?

The WP7 Challenge has been pretty popular and while there was some controversy, it got people to question what makes a smartphone ‘fast.’

Microsoft should take their phones, tablets and laptops running Windows Phone 7.5 and laptops and tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT to he people – make arrangements with Starbucks and have their Microsoft Enthusiasts sit at Starbucks, show people how great Windows Phone is, how amazing Metro on Windows 8 works on a laptop computer without touch.

When you put these employees out at locations people already go to on a daily basis, or run their ‘home offices’ out of, people could have a two way conversation about the future GUI, why it works, how it works, and how it will make their work and personal computer activities faster, easier and more productive.

So what do you day Microsoft? Are you going to take Windows 8 out for a test drive before the Fall release and build user excrement, or are you going to allow Tim Cook to slam Windows 8 Metro and frighten people before your future OS even launches?

Metro is the user interface of the future; for people who are already using Metro on their phones, PCs and Xbox’s we know it, we can feel it.
Ballmer may not be Steve Jobs, but he has delivered the interface people will use for the next 30 years.

Apple has employees at there hundreds of Apple Stores, Microsoft needs their thousands of followers to take Metro to the people.


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