Nokia, what have you done?!

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, it is widely believed that Nokia lead the push at Microsoft to lower the cost of building a Windows Phone – well, one way they did this was to reduce the available memory by half.

Well, now we have problem that many apps will not work on the new lowered spec’d phones.

Another way the phones costs were lowered was to stick in a slower CPU — 200MHz slower than the minimum spec and 600MHz slower than 2nd gen phones.

This never made sense to me and now makes even less sense.

At a time when everything is obsolete by the time it goes into production and 18 months after the first Windows Phone were introduced the original spec is already out dated – still works great and ran all available software, bit it’s older and not as speedy as the newest phones on the same platform.

So, how much cheaper is a slower CPU and 256kb of RAM? Not too much,l.

We already have a Chinese phone manufacturer increase the speed of their entry level Windows Phone to the former minimum spec of 1GHz.

Nokia and Microsoft should have left the design alone and allowed the market and it’s ever increasing need to drive down costs to naturally lower the costs of their phones.

Now we have Windows Phonea which will not run popular games and apps – this is not good for the platform. :-/

Nokia, 50% of Top 10 Games Wont Work…

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