Ex Apple Employees Designing the Facebook Phone?

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Android, Apple, Facebook, iphone, Microsoft, Mobile, Windows Phone

Ok, I understand that Facebook feels they need to control their own mobile destiny, but hiring people from Apple to create your own phone isn’t necessarily a good idea.

Facebook needs to follow Microsoft with it revolutionary Metro design – yes, revolutionary.

Apple came up with a new UI for smartphones when it created the iPhone and at the time that phone’s OS was revolutionary.

Then came Android, webOS, Badu, etc – all of which borrow greatly from the iPhone.

Facebook needs a phone that is revolutionary just like the Windows Phone’s Metro interface.

Why do I say that? Because people are not going to jump platforms just for Facebook, it needs to be something different, fresh, cool.

If Facebook does design there own phone then it had better be incredible or it will not succeed in this already crowded phone market.

Facebook Phone Apple iPhone Engineers

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