Single core, Dual core or Quad core?

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Android, Apple, google, iphone, Microsoft, Windows Phone

Who cares how many cores your phone or even your PC have! All that should matter is if your device provides you with a pleasant user experience.

Google is the Microsoft of the ’90s.
Microsoft was the poster child for fat inefficient, slow operating systems and apps. Then things changed with Windows 7 – fast, lean and small enough to run on netbooks! Now Windows 8 is even faster and leaner and runs with less power.

Google on the other hand is designing a fatter, slower, sloppy OS – named Android Ice Cream Sandwich – even its name is fat!

How long does it take your iPhone or Android phone to boot up to the start/home screen? My Lumia 900 boots to the home screen in 13 (THIRTEEN) seconds!

Google feels that they CAN design a fat, slow operating system because “everyone wants dual and quad cores” – not so, people don’t care about cores, they care about performance and usability. How long does it take to boot up the phone, load an app, place a phone call, upload an image to Facebook and tag it – fast!

Android can’t do these things quickly and its getting slower and heavier with each OS release. Sure Google puts a lot of the blame on manufacturer UIs like HTC Sense, but the underlying Android OS is getting more resource hungry with every update.

Even Apple’s OS is requiring more and more horsepower to keep it working smoothly – how many people with a 3GS are enjoying iOS 5?

Windows Phone is bound to get fatter and slower with time, but right now, with all it’s built in features it still runs just as smoothly on a single core at 1GHz as the newest single core designs running at 1.4 or 1.5GHz.

I want a phone which is speedy and doesn’t slow down every time I open a new app or whose battery dies after 4-6hrs because of all the CPU horsepower required to have even the lowest level activities operate.

Also, all that extra RAM in you 1GB or even the new Android phones with 2GB of RAM drains power like crazy too – sometimes 512MB is plenty.

It may have taken Microsoft 30 years to figure this out, but we all know wisdom comes with age/time.

And all this boils down to why some Android phone will get an upgrade to ICS and others won’t.

Xperia Arc to get ICS, but not the XpeRia Play

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