Now this is Interesting: How do you make a smartphone less data hungry?

Posted: May 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

So this interview brings up a good point, not only are smartphone cost prohibitive upfront, but they are also costly to use and maintain.

And it’s not just the users of these smartphones, it’s the service providers as well because they have less money for building their wireless network.

The first thing I would do is work with all the potential service providers and mandate that they all share the same cell towers/antennas as well as share the radio frequencies for the phones.

This simple act would divide the costs of building and upgrading a wireless network between many more companies. Sure they would now have to compete solely on price and services, but they would save a fortune on building out a national high speed network.

Another option would be for the governments to build out the high speed wireless network and lease the radio frequencies to service providers. This would allow for faster growth and allow newer smaller (maybe even local) companies to start or expand their business.

As far as phones which require lots of data access, that’s a tough one, many people use their phones many different ways.

My Mother and I have the same phone; I use about 2.5-3GB /month, she uses under 200MB. We both use our phones for email, calendar, GPS navigation, photos, cloud storage, and simple apps etc. However I do so on a much grander scale as well as download /stream lots of music and videos to my phone.

So how would you reduce the data being sent back and forth between phones and towers? Would you provide everyone with push-email? Would you compress the images in a web browser so they are smaller and quicker to download?

I don’t know the answer, but the answer is not to dummy down their smartphone experience. People all over the world need access to smartphones and theninternet – the more access people have to web sites, social sites, YouTube, etc, the smarter and more knowledgeable those people will be.

So please, don’t make a $70 phone that is more of a stopgap than a friendly hand up.

gass guzzler vs prius

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