Why is it that People Given More Thought into Crossing a Picket Line than Buying a Product which it Copying other Companies IP?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

We see it time and again. A company copies features from their competitors instead of designing new ways to do things?

Google is in court right now with Oracle deciding on not whether Google copies portions of Java (they admit to doing it) but whether or not they had the right to! :-/

Now we have a case which has been decided on and HTC’s Android products were found to be in violation of patents developed by Apple.

Now the products are being stopped at the border while a court? decides if HTC has modified their phone enough so as to not violate Apple’s technology.

What are people and bloggers talking about? They are talking about when the phones will be released and not about the stolen technology. Boo! :-/

More people think twice about crossing a union picket line than they do about impounded products.

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