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Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, the news for Monday was that new mobile apps for iPhone and Android were released and that they now display larger images and not thumbnails.

Well about a week ago, Facebook blogged about new features coming to the WP7 Facebook app.

Well, yes, the Facebook app on Windows Phone has all the ‘advanced’ features of the ‘new’ apps for the other mobile platforms but what I fond funny is that people are making a big deal over this new feature:

– Tagging: Now you can tag friends and locations in your posts in the “with” and “at” format.

WTF?! Who cares, the WP FB app doesn’t need this feature – it’s built into the OS and allows photos and tagging to be done instantly without having to open ANY app! 😀

I know, the WP Facebook app needs to make sure they have all the check boxes marked whether the feature is needed or not.

What everything comes down to is ease of use and quality of service. If you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and don’t have a Windows Phone (Nokia L900) then you can’t really enjoy what is important – living.

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