Apple Fanboy Lives Windows Phone?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, I don’t think that because this guy uses a Mac makes him an Apple Fanboy as the below article states – heck, if he was such a fan he wouldn’t be trying Android and then try a Windows Phone.

That said, I do agree with him, WP7 is refreshing, easy to set up, learn and use.

In fact, it makes some tasks so easy I get frustrates with my friends when they try to do what I do in 20 seconds what it takes them 3 minutes to do AND they are also so frustrated they log onto their PC to finalize their edits.

Its really funny, people have cheered Apple and Steve Jobs for Thinking Different, and now that MS has done so, people just won’t look at what they did.

I believe that Steve Jobs would have loved WP if he had conceived of it – heck, I’m sure he would have made this iOS 6!

I’m sorry that many people will never get a chance to use WP, not because it’s not available, but because they have blinders on. :-/

I thank “Scott G” for taking this chance and discovering a world beyond a piece of fruit.

BTW – It may surprise you, buy i too have had an iPhone and Droid X, but I came back to Windows and never have looked back.

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