Windows 8 and Internet Explorer aren’t for Dummies

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Microsoft shares on one of it’s blogs today that they intend to take another everyday task, much like they did with Windows Phone 7, and make it easier to share the content in your browser.

Many people don’t look at the wonderful things the latest Internet Explorer can do – instead they compare their new browser of the month to old versions of IE, such as ver 6.

Well, since 8 and 9, Internet Explorer has got much faster and is even faster when used with a DX11 compatible video card, but more important than shaving off a tenth of a second when loading a webpage is security!

If your browser doesn’t stop a Trojan or virus from infiltrating your computer you can forget about any time you may or may not have saved. Internet Explorer 9 is by far the safest browser blocking over 99% of all infected websites. If you think your browser holds up well against IE9 think again and read some new independent tests.

But i digress, just like WP7 made sharing photos on Facebook, taking a photo in 2 seconds and posting that photo on Facebook in another 3 seconds and then be able to tag your friends in the photo – all without opening up a Facebook app, now IE is making sharing your favorite web pages, photos and videos super easy too.

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