Google+ is Google- Do we need any more confirmation?

Posted: May 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ok, so I know a lot of people jumped onto Google+ and for a while Google was showing ads on TV and the web promoting their Facebook alternative.

The only problem is, people didn’t really need an alternative. Facebook has the users/followers, it has great customer satisfaction and people are active on the service!

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s on Facebook. If you have been paying attention to your Google+ invites from friends their are fewer and fewer and now I’m not getting any.  The other thing I’ve witnessed is that people who have joined the Google+ social network are now back posting on Facebook, sending messages, FIM, etc.

There are also no more ads on TV for Google+ — sure, there are now Google Chrome ads, but Google+ is reduced to “logo status.”

If you think my experiences are unique, look no further than this latest research.


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