Facebook Phone?

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

We are again hearing rumors of a phone from Facebook although this time, it looks like Microsoft night be the one starting this latest rumor.

So, we are now hearing that a Facebook phone would be better suited to run on Windows Phone vs. Android OS.

Should Facebook keep it’s friends (MS) close or it’s enemies (Google) closer?

That’s a tough question, but one that I think Facebook should seriously consider switching their rumored design from Android to Windows Phone for several reasons.

Windows Phone works great on even modestly priced phones, single core, 800Mhz and 256MB of RAM!

Google’s latest version of Android, ICS, is reportedly sluggish on the latest dual and quad core phones. They rely heavily on Java which is notoriously slow and a memory hog, there is no standard set by Google for their hardware, UI or even apps.

Of course the iPhone is out of the question for a Facebook phone platform, but this platform is also requiring faster chips and multiple cores to keep the basic OS speedy or at least not too sluggish – just ask everyone running the latest iOS 5.x on their 3GS or 4.

In addition, MS also has the hooks/APIs for social networking already in the OS. It wouldn’t take much for Facebook to add in their value add features, subscription services and some advertising to WP already proven socially progressive phone OS.

Or maybe Microsoft more tightly integrates Facebook features into their phone and give Facebook a prominent position in their WP Marketplace for Facebook add ons, subscriptions etc.

this approach is working for Nokia and it could work for Facebook and Microsoft too.

So, friend or for, I hope to see Windows Phone fully embrace Facebook in all future iterations of the platform.


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