This Early Device Show’s That “Android” wasn’t always an iPhone Clone

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

As you can see from these photos, video and article, the Android devices we see today were clearly borrowing (copying) the iPhone’s design.

Other than designing great search engine – the search engine that all others are now compared against, it appears that Google’s innovating days are over.

Now everything they create is just their own knock-offs of other manufactures products/ideas. Of course there are a few exceptions, Google Books, AdWare, Street View and some other technologies, but really, Google’s roll in the smartphone, tablet and browser industry is really pushing Apple and Microsoft to innovate.

I’d argue that because of Android, the iPhone is better than it otherwise would have been and Microsoft likely would never have pushed their Metro interface beyond the Xbox and Media Center (and those two examples were very old inspirations of that interface).




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