Verizon Doesn’t Push iPhones, Apple Does

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Android, iphone
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So, this guy goes to buy an iPhone at Verizon and the sales person starts offering him other newer options with more advanced features – namely larger screens and LTE.
These are all great features and it shows me how Apple beats to another drummer and always has.
Apple defines their own categories, not the competition.
Apple is showcasing Siri and Retina displays (I capitalized retina, because a true retina display by definition has a higher ppi than the iPhone or iPad)
Android is focusing on big screen size and multi-core processors running at high frequencies.
Nothing wrong with that, but even with a quad-core CPU, early reports are stating that the Android OS still suffers from long lag times.
So, Verizon can push what they want, but better doesn’t just have one definition.
So, Apple will never allow a competitor to directly compare their products with others – they never have and never will(? Post Jobs?. Siri and Retina display are what Apple us focusing on. It used to be iTunes, then the App Store and now that competitors have developed similar features, Apple is moving the target once again.


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